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TWP 100 Color Choices and Tips

TWP 100 Series comes in 9 different color choices, 8 of which are semi-transparent. TWP absorbs into the wood grain and "enhancing" the natural color tones of your wood by adding pigments.

Final colors will vary substantially based on:

  • Type of Wood
  • Age of Wood
  • Prepping of Wood

This article will further explain the TWP 100 Colors to help you determine which is best for you. If you have questions, please ask below.

TWP 101 Cedartone

TWP 101 Cedartone

TWP 101 Cedartone Natural is by far the most popular of the 100 color choices accounting for 60-70% of the sales. The 101 is a traditional Cedar color. It highlights the natural grain of your wood with Caramel/Golden tones.
TWP 102 Redwood

TWP 102 Redwood

TWP 102 Redwood is a popular choice for customers who are looking to add a rich red color. We call this color a "straight" red as it does not contain any other highlights.
TWP 103 Dark Oak

TWP 103 Dark Oak

TWP 103 Dark Oak is a beautiful Dark Brown that will really enhance your wood. This color is popular for customers who are looking to get away from the traditional golden/cedar colors.
TWP 115 Honeytone

TWP 115 Honeytone

TWP 115 Honeytone is the lightest and most natural looking color. This is a "golden" color that will highlight the natural grain of your wood similar to a clean "wet" look.
TWP 116 Rustic

TWP 116 Rustic

TWP 115 Rustic is a red color. This color has become more popular than the 102 Redwood as it is a Reddish/Brown color similar to maroon.
TWP 120 Pecan

TWP 120 Pecan

TWP 120 Pecan is the newest color in the 100 series line and was introduced as an alternative to the 101 Cedartone. This color is what we call a slightly brown/cedar color. Basically a little bit of brown was added to the 101 Cedartone to "tone down" the traditional orange cedar color.
TWP 105 Cape Cod Gray

TWP 105 Cape Cod Gray

TWP 105 is a popular gray color that is a traditional gray. This color is heavier in solids than other TWP color choices. We consider this to be closer to a semi-solid.
TWP 106 Prarie Gray

TWP 106 Prairie Gray

TWP 106 Prairie Gray is a unique color. We would call this a taupe gray with a hint of coral.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment area below.

  • Doc

    Do you provide actual samples of the different stain colors? Picking them off a computer screen is a bit chancey, color-wise

  • JTP

    Has anyone mixed honeytone and pecan. Honeytone will be too light to hide imperfections and pecan is so dark even just one coat.

    • TWPStainHelp

      JTP, you can mix colors of TWP together. TWP does not hide imperfections though. It is not a covering stain but a semi-transparent stain.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Jessica, prep with the Gemini Restore Kit first. Stain with the 100 series.

  • BWT

    I prefer stains without overtones of red or orange. Which of your TWP 100 stain colors would meet these requirements? I am looking at the TWP 120 Pecan and the TWP 106 Prairie Gray as the Cape Cod Gray is too light and the Dark Oak is too dark to look right with our house in my opinion. I am open to suggestions. Thanks for your help.

    • TWPStainHelp

      BWT, only option would be the Pecan. I would get some samples to test.

  • TWPStainHelp

    RK, sure that will work on redwood.

  • Al

    I bought the TWP 100 cedartone, is there any way to make it darker – Something besides a darker TWP stain in case it’s too light? Maybe some other stain that is available at a hardware store?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Al, you cannot add a different stain to darken it up. You could get a gallon of Dark Oak in TWP and add a little bit at a time until you achieve the color you would want.

  • JT

    I live in Oregon and have used superdeck the last several times I have stained my deck. Do I need to get of ALL the past stain off before I use TWP? And should I use 100 or 1500? It’s southern exposure and one of the decks is around the pool, if that matters

    • TWPStainHelp

      JT, yes you should remove the SuperDeck with the Restore A Deck Stain Stripper, light pressure washing, followed by the brightener. You can use either series for your area.

  • GG

    Which TWP 100 will protect against graying the best honey tone or cedar tone.

    • TWPStainHelp

      GG, the Cedartone prevents graying better than the Honeytone.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Brian, TWP does make clears but clear does not provide UV protection so you are best to use a color. Please read this about new wood:

  • Karen

    I stained last summer using the rustic color. It definitely needs a maintenance coat. Can I add another color or change to get away from the orange? I do not want to go to the trouble of stripping.

    • TWPStainHelp

      Karen, you can go darker but not lighter without stripping.


  • TWPStainHelp

    Please read this article about colors:

  • CA

    Pay for samples, it’s the only way to be sure you are not making a huge mistake you will regret later. There is no way to tell without pictures what you are describing. They will credit the cost of samples to your purchase.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Yes that is correct.

  • Ryan

    I live in Missouri. Is the dark oak in 100 or 1500 best for deck?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Ryan, use the 103 Dark Oak for MO.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Yes it is a semi-transparent. Typically needs to be redone very 2 or 3 years.

  • S

    any recs for a coordinating deck color of twp100 to a house exterior with dark red brick white vinyl trim black roof in south alabama & deck is PT pine

    • TWPStainHelp

      I would get a couple of samples from the site. Maybe Rustic or Redwood.

  • Tony Cammisuli

    Has anyone used the Prarie Gray? How does it look?

    • TWPStainHelp

      As the article states, it looks like a coral (pink) taupe.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Please read this about the application:

    Color varies on the wood type and age. It could be either. Best to get samples to test from our site.

    Usually dries in 4-8 hours.

  • Andrea

    i am thinking about Rustic Oaks in the 100 series for my deck. My deck was built with #2 prime deck wood. The color i dont want that i noticed in your notes above is maroon. I do want a reddish brown color. What will that look like on my deck in your opinion?

    • TWPStainHelp

      All decks turn out differently based on wood type and age. Best to order a sample to test first.


  • TWPStainHelp

    You can use the 100 for both.

  • Erlkoenig

    The color I ordered was prairie gray and it was tested on a weathered Wisconsin deck made of pressure treated lumber. Stripped with RAD. Sanded to get remnants of old acrylic stain off.

  • TWPStainHelp

    That is normal color for the Prairie Gray. There really is not a way to tone down the coral hues.

  • Richard

    I would like to use TWP 100. My deck is older and has a grey stain on some of it. Will the TWP colors cover the old color of is it transparent?

    • TWPStainHelp

      TWP cannot be applied on top of the old stain. It would need to be removed first.

  • Scott

    I would like to use TWP 100. My deck is older PTP with lots of cracks and has failed cedartone Olympic on it. I plan to prep with restore a deck stripper and brightener. What color would you recommend to coordinate with maroon brick house exterior? I was trying to decide between dark oak and rustic.

  • B

    Can I use TWP 100 series over THompsons water seal?

    • TWPStainHelp

      No, you cannot use TWP over top of any coating of a different brand.

  • Pink Blues

    My house has cedar shakes stained with Pairie Gray 7 yrs ago by the previous owner. The cedar has faded to an even more pink color in the areas with direct sunlight. I would like to restain with Pecan. Will that cover over the pink hues?

    • TWPStainHelp

      No it will not. You will need to strip off the Prairie Gray first with the Restore A deck stripper and pressure washing. Apply the wood brightener when done.

  • Scott

    I stained my deck with TWP 1500 rustic in October 2013. There’s a lot of fading at this point, but some spots which get far less sun are still in good shape. I’d like to stain over the entire deck with Dark Oak. Will a new coat of stain take? And will the color match in the areas that are faded compared to the areas that are not faded?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Since you want to switch from rustic to dark oak it would be best to strip and brighten for the prep. TWP is easily removable with the Restore A Deck Stripper and Pressure Washing. You will need to use the Restore A Deck Brightener when done to neutralize.

  • Art Feingold

    Last year I made a mistake by applying Rustoleum’s RESTORE to my deck. It is a very heavy stain mixed in with sand like particles and results in a very rough surface. Is it possible to apply TWP over this surface and do you have any suggestions to achieve optimum results.

    • TWPStainHelp

      No it is possible to apply TWP or anything on top of that product. You will have to sand it off or replace the wood.

  • Mike

    We have had our deck professionally stained twice with TWP semi-transparent pecan stain over the last 6 years. Time to do it again want to do it myself this time. Do I need to use Restore a Deck Stripper and then Restore a Deck Brightener or can I just pressure wash and apply the stain?

    • TWPStainHelp

      If the current TWP is in good shape then prep with the Gemini Restore Kit and pressure washing. If the current TWP is wearing unevenly then you will need to use the stripper followed by the brightener.

  • CJ

    I am working on a project that we are using 100% California redwood. My goal is to seal and protect the redwood from UV damage however I don’t want to change the natural beauty of the redwood. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions on color as it relates to redwood? I was told that the TWP clear does not have UV protection so I probably need to go with some type of color. I guess the obvious answer would be to go with the redwood color but I don’t want it to turn out barn red. Thanks

    • TWPStainHelp

      Look at the California Redwood color.

  • TWPStainHelp

    You can use it on a wood table.

  • TS

    I am looking to go with Cape Cod Gray (105). Curious as to how it would hold up with an 80 lb. boxer using the deck/stairs everyday? Not wanting to have the peeling of a solid, but not exactly sure how much of a stain it is. Any suggestions? The deck is about 10 years old, and I will be stripping and cleaning prior to application. Thanks

    • TWPStainHelp

      All stains will wear from hevy traffic after so many years from a heavy dog. It does not peel as long as it it prepped and applied well.

  • TWPStainHelp

    Hello, this article explains the color. In addition it might be best to get a few samples to test from our site.

  • Jackie L. June

    Can you mix two of the 100 series colors together? The cape cod gray and the cedar tone?

    • TWPStainHelp

      You can mix TWP colors together if you would like on your end.

  • Dance Mom

    Planning on staining prepped lakeside deck and dock mid-Michigan area this week with weather forecast of high 60’s daytime, dropping to high 30’s at night. Need to apply late afternoon to avoid direct sun. Will there be a problem with successful outcome with nighttime temp as forecast?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Yes that will be fine as long as it does not drop below freezing over night.

  • Janet Wright

    My husband is concerned that semi transparent will not show enough of the wood grain on our log cabin. We used a semi transparent behr deck stain a couple years ago on our deck and it does not show much grain, if any. Please advise.

    • TWPStainHelp

      TWP shows all the wood grain and does not mask it. It ehances the grain with the color you choose. FYI, the Behr will need to come off completely first. You cannot apply TWP over it.

  • Jerry Bass

    I stained with TWP 100 2 years ago. Can I change to gray this time?. First time was honey tint.

    • TWPStainHelp

      If you prep correctly first then you should be okay. Pressure washing and the Gemini Restore Kit.

  • Mike

    What is the color of the deck in the picture on the top of this page?

    • TWPStainHelp


  • TWPStainHelp

    101 Cedartone.

  • liz

    your site notes that “Rustic” as a color similar to maroon…maroon is quite a deep red, is that accurate?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Yes it is a reddish color with a hint of brown.

  • Kenny

    I just applied a single coat of the prairie gray to my newly installed deck (pressure treated wood). unfortunately I am not pleased with the look (more pink/purple than gray) of the stain and was wondering if there was any way to strip it completely. I was thinking of going with the Pecan color instead but I worry that there will be residual prairie gray left over.

    • TWPStainHelp

      It is not easy to strip a freshly applied coating of TWP. It can be done but you may need to strip a few times to get it all off.

  • Matthew Traut

    I just applied the 100 series TWP Clear yesterday to my pine deck. Can I apply another TWP product such as Cedartone over top of it with out having to do any prep?

    • TWPStainHelp

      No. It will not take properly over the clear. You will need to strip it off and brighten the wood for prep.

  • Judy

    I have used 206 Russett Brown in the past. Which color in the 100 series is the closest to the old #206?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Closest would be the 116 Rustic but it is not the same color.

  • Corey

    I applied 101 Cedar Tone about two years ago. It is in need of a maintenance coat. I would like to go darker and thinking the 120 Pecan. Can this be applied as a maintenance coat or would the 101 need to be stripped off? Thank you

    • TWPStainHelp

      If you prep with the Gemini Restore Kit, then you can go darker with the 120 Pecan.

  • Pete

    I’m looking for a nice tan / light brown with no real red hint to it. I think the Dark Oak is too dark. Do you happen to have any photos of a 50/50 mix of Pecan and Dark Oak?

    • TWPStainHelp

      Sorry but we do not have photos of any mixes. They are mixable though. Might want to get a couple of samples from our site to test.

    • Sandy Cobb Johnson

      Did you try mixing the two colors? I am looking for something in between.

  • james conrad

    installing new Cox Durapine 5/4 x 6 kdat decking, can i pre stain before install?

    • TWPStainHelp

      No, need to wait a month, prep and apply just one coat.

  • Donna Eubank

    I just stained my deck with Pecan 100. I absolutely love the color! How long do we have to wait to walk on it?

    • TWPStainHelp

      24 hours is normal. Just make sure it is dry.

    • Joyce

      Donna, do you have any pictures? we stripped/sanded our floors, steps and railing tops, but left the spindles the original redwood solid since it would be too much work to strip down to the bare wood again. I chose samples in PECAN and RUSTIC ….thinking of having a two-toned deck. I think the RUSTIC might make the solid stained spindles look sort of disjointed or mish-mashed look.. But, I’m also worried about the life of the wood, knowing that the darker pigment provides more UV protection….the deck is 17 years old and in good shape. How do you like the Pecan now that you’ve had it down for one month? Do you get a lot of sun? we have sun most of the day. If anyone else reading these posts has suggestions, feel free to respond.

      • TWPStainHelp

        The Pecan will last as long as the Rustic.

  • Adam Abelseth

    Im gonna be staining my cedar deck & doin a two tone. Im interested in two colors, dark oak & honeytone. Do u have samples of these colors so i can test them out before i buy 5 gallon buckets of it?

  • David Wolf

    Living is south central Texas, with an average rain fall of 33″ and average temp of 79.9 degrees. In 2013 I installed a 2000sf pressure treated wood deck in two levels complete with wood benching all screwed in 90% of the deck is covered by Live Oak trees. This will be the 1st stain application, applied By Airless Graco Sprayer and back rolled. Stain to be applied in November /December
    QUESTION: Should I expect any issues with applying TWP120 Pecan or TWP 115 Honey Tone for all areas of deck and seating, suggestions? Do up I also have an recommendations which I may not have thought about? Have added picture for better understanding. (Deck is wet from rain.) thank
    Thank you in advance for your response,
    David Wolf ( aka ultimate DIY’r)

    • TWPStainHelp

      No issues as long as you prep correctly. Use the Gemini Restore Kit for the prepping. We would suggest the Pecan for this deck.

  • Richard Stine


    I’m in mid Missouri and just completed a cedar tone, PT pine deck. how long should I wait until I coat it? Would 101 be alright? Do I need any prep before applying to the new deck after letting it weather awhile?


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