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Welcome to the official help site for TWP Total Wood Preservative is an EPA registered wood preservative for decks, fences, gazebos, cedar siding, wood shakes, log homes, outdoor furniture, and other exterior wood surfaces. TWP wood preservative offers outstanding protection from UV fading, wood rot, water damage, and mildew for all types of wood species.

The TWP stain help site is designed for exterior wood and deck owners looking for solutions to their wood maintenance questions. We have gathered information based on years of experience. From TWP stain tips and wood maintenance advice to prepping new wood and how to articles we will guide you through step by step to achieve professional like results using any of the TWP wood preservative products.

Please read our articles and feel free to ask any questions that you may have about restoring your exterior wood or decking surfaces. The information you need regarding wood and deck restoration and TWP deck stains are all here. Please enjoy and remember that we are here to help.


TWP Stain Help and AdviceWe are here to help you with your exterior deck or wood restoration project!

TWP is an advanced wood preservative registered by the EPA. Performance and longevity can vary though depending on the wood type, how the wood is prepped, the age of wood, and how the TWP is applied. We want everyone who has decided to use TWP to have the best possible results.

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Staining New Wood with TWP Decking StainsWhen applying TWP Wood Stains for the first time to new wood there will need to be proper steps taken. New smooth wood or decking is not ready to be pre-stained prior to installation or stained right after installation. It is best to follow the directions of the stain manufacturer when it comes to applying a coating to new wood for the first time, not the lumber yard or the paint store's as they do not understand the proper prep needed.

TWP and New Smooth Decking or Exterior Wood

It is important to understand that new smooth wood is not absorbent enough for the TWP Stains. New wood contains a higher moisture content and a "mill glaze". Mill Glaze is a waxy film that results from the fast turning blades that cuts the profile on a manufactured log. The high speed of the turning blades produces heat that draws sap and moisture out of the log. As it cools and dries, it creates a film or coating on the logs.  This will hinder the TWP's ability to penetrate into the wood grain.

Note: New Rough Sawn vertical wood/fencing can be stained right away with no wait and with no prep as it does have mill glaze and is very absorbent. Just make sure the wood is fully dry. If Rough sawn wood has aged or oxidized (grayed) then it will need to be prepped with Gemini Restore Kit. One coat for most instances of newly installed Rough Sawn wood.

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How to Apply TWP Wet on WetTWP Stains are to be applied "Wet on Wet" when the wood is absorbent enough to handle more than 1 coat of the stain. This is typically for wood and decking that is older than 12 months and has been exposed to the elements. Applying the TWP "wet on wet" is similar to applying 1.5 coats of stain. The second coat covers twice as much square footage as the first coat.

Applying TWP "wet on wet" is very easy and not complicated once you understand the simple steps.

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TWP 100 Series Stain

TWP 100 Series Stain

TWP 100 Stain Series Wood and Deck Preservative has a coverage rate of 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon. Measure the wood's square footage to determine how many gallons you'll need for your project. On wood decks, be sure to include all the railings and steps.

Before applying TWP 100 Series Deck Stain be sure the wood surface has been cleaned properly using a wood cleaner. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove any debris that may have fallen onto the wood since cleaning it.

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TWP 1500 Stain

TWP 1500 Stain

First, measure your wood surface to determine the square footage. TWP 1500 Series Wood and Deck Preservative covers approximately 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon. Buy a little more stain than you need just to be sure you do not run out at the end of the project.

Prior to using TWP 1500 Deck Stain, clean the wood using a brush or pressure washer along with a quality wood cleaner. Preparing the wood properly will ensure your new TWP Wood Stain will perform optimally.

Once the wood surface is cleaned it must dry for a minimum of 48 hours before ant stain can be applied. Be sure the temperature is at least 50 degrees and that dry weather is forecasted for the next several days.

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With newly installed treated lumber, it is necessary to wait an adequate period of time for the wood to season or dry out prior to staining it with TWP. New wood sometimes referred to as “green” wood, has a very high moisture content when it is new. Staining wood in this condition would trap moisture under the stain and potentially lead to mold, mildew, and wood decay issues. This can mean premature future costly repairs and replacement of the wood so it is best to wait. The seasoning time frame can be around 4-12 months give or take depending on the climate, weather and sun exposure.

To avoid having to wait months to stain your new wood you can use KDAT wood instead. KDAT (kiln dried after treatment) is wood that is dried in a kiln after it has been treated with the proper bug deterring chemicals. The wood is then put on the market and sold. It is slightly more expensive than regularly treated wood but it may be worth not having to wait as long to stain it. The wait time for staining new KDAT wood with TWP is about one month. This cuts down significantly on the wait time and may be the right option for you.

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Why Remove Old Coatings When Switching to TWP Stains

TWP Stains have been around for over 20 years. They are one of the only EPA registered wood preservatives on the market today. Using the highest quality raw materials, TWP offers superb protection from UV discoloration, fading, rot, decay, and water damage. It can be used on nearly any exterior wood surface to enhance the wood’s natural beauty and provide years of protection.

When switching to TWP Stains for your outdoor wood project it is important to understand the fundamentals of stain application. In order for a stain like TWP to work effectively and give the most protection the wood surface should be cleaned prior to staining. All dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and graying should be removed completely. In addition, any old coatings should also be removed when switching to TWP stains.

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We would love for our customers to post some pictures that are finished with the TWP 100, TWP 1500, or TWP 200 Series. Please use our comment feature at the bottom. There is a link to upload photos in the bottom left corner of the comment area. It will show once you add your parameters there. 

Note: This is a new post, so please give it some time to fill up with pictures!

Please include:

Location of Project (City/State):

TWP Series Used:

Prepping Method:

Color of Stain:

Number of Coats Applied:

Wood Type and Age:

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Where to Find Authorized Online TWP Stain Dealers

Giving your exterior wood surfaces a long lasting durable finish is key to the longevity of the wood. Choosing a high-grade stain like TWP will ensure your wood is protected for many years. The enhanced beauty of a TWP stained wood surface can last several seasons and will provide the type of weather protection you expect.

There are many online stain dealers but finding a reputable one is important for a fair price and quality assurance. It is best to find an authorized online TWP stain dealer for all your staining needs. Ordering products like deck stain online should not be a hassle. An easy to navigate website with clear ordering options as far as gallons needed and color choices are a must. Some online TWP stain dealers will also have many helpful articles and tips that can assist you with your staining projects.

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