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Maintaining TWP

Best Prep for TWP Stains

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Best Prep for TWP 1500 Stain and the TWP 100 Stain for Enhanced Performance and Appearance.

When staining a new exterior wood surface with TWP, or refinishing an older one, it is best to correctly prepare the wood. Wood prep is important with any stain and TWP is no different. Using the best prep methods will certify a quality product like TWP stain performs as expected. This helps guarantee a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

To give your wood surface the best prep for TWP stains, the wood needs to be cleaned and brightened. For the best results, use Gemini Restore Kit. Gemini is the largest manufacturer of TWP stain, so they know what it takes to get the best prep possible. Gemini Restoration Kit is a two-part “eco-friendly” system.

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Applying a Maintenance Coat of TWP

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Tips for Applying a Maintenance Coat of TWP –

Wood maintenance is different from a complete wood restoration. Restoring a wood surface means bringing it back to a like new appearance from a neglected state or deciding to switch from one stain type to another. Wood maintenance, on the other hand, is an ongoing process to keep well-kept wood looking good. Wood maintenance is simply cleaning and recoating the wood with the same wood stain that was previously used. Continue Reading