Shelf Life of TWP Tips: What is the Shelf Life of TWP Wood Stains in 2020 After an exterior staining project with TWP, Total Wood Preservative Stain you may have some extra left over. Or you may have bought some TWP wood stain intending to use it and just haven’t got around to it. Whether you have some leftover or the season ended before you could use it, TWP wood stain will store and keep fresh with proper care. TWP Wood Preservative has a shelf life of several years if it has been unopened. So if you ran out of time at the end of the season do not worry, you can still use it when you are ready. If the TWP stain has sat around a while, it is recommended to take the stain to a paint store and have them shake the cans up before using them. If you used TWP stain and have some leftover, the extra will last 1-2 years as long as the lid is completely resealed. If the lid is not sealed properly evaporation of the stain solvents … Continue reading Shelf Life of TWP