Properly Applying TWP Stain So It Does Not Dry Shiny


Tips on Properly Applying TWP Deck Stains So It Does Not Dry Shiny

When applying TWP you should follow a few simple tips to get proper coverage and the look you want. TWP is not meant to give a “shiny” appearance. It is a deep penetrating wood preservative that soaks into the wood pores for optimal protection. TWP is a semi-transparent stain that adds color while allowing the wood grain to show through enhancing its beauty.

If TWP dries shiny then that suggests it was over-applied. In the case of applying deck stain, more is not always better. You only want to apply as much stain as the wood will soak up. Any extra puddles of stain that do not soak in will dry on top and give you an inconsistent shiny appearance. Not only does this look unappealing, it will not perform as expected.

Properly applying TWP so it does not dry shiny is a matter of coating a board or section at a time and allowing it to soak in for 10-15 minutes. After giving it some time you should back brush or wipe away any runs, drips, or excess puddles that have not soaked in.  The idea is that if it has not soaked in during the wait time it probably is not going to and needs to be removed. The bottom line is, do not permit excess stain to remain on the surface once it does not soak in. This merely means that the wood has taken all the stain it can handle.

There are several factors that determine how much TWP stain a wood surface will absorb. The age, condition, type and porosity of the wood all play a role. Older wood will normally take more stain, as it is more aged and porous. The newer the wood the less stain it will absorb. There is nothing wrong with more or less it is only crucial that you let it absorb as much TWP as it can and then remove the excess. This will ensure it does not dry shiny and that it will perform as expected.

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Matt Gundersen
Matt Gundersen
Color: California Redwood. Old wood. We stripped and brightened, then waited 3 days to apply stain. Did two coats (wet-on-wet 30-60 minutes between coats). I did not see pooling. After 3 days of drying portions of the deck was shiny, tacky, and there were little areas where the stain had bubbled. Reading the website this means the stain was over applied and did not fully absorb. Applied mineral spirits to deck to fix tacky and shiny issues. Deck was dry the next day. This has caused some areas to be lighter than others as visible in photo. Splotchy? In retrospect… Read more »

How do you fix it, if it dries shiny?