How to Apply TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series

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Tips on Applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series

TWP Semi-Solid Stain

TWP Semi-Solid Stain

TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series has a coverage rate of 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat. Best to measure the wood’s square footage to determine how many gallons you’ll need for your project. On wood decks, be sure to include all the railings and steps.

Before applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Deck Stain be sure the wood surface has been prepped. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove any debris that may have fallen onto the wood since prep.

Applying Semi-Solid Pro-Series Wood Stain

The wood must be dry for a minimum of 48 hours prior to staining and the air temperature should be above 50 degrees. Check your local forecast to make certain there will be several dry days before and after the day you want to stain.

On the day of staining be sure you have all the equipment on site that you will need. Wear protective gloves and safety glasses at all times. Mix the TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Wood Stain thoroughly using a paint stick or drill mixer on your drill before and several times during use. Using plastic or tarps to cover any landscaping, siding, windows, or concrete that you don’t want any stain on.

Start with the harder to reach areas first. On wood siding, gazebos, or playsets start up high and work your way down. On a deck, start with the spindles and railings first and stain the deck floor last.

Use a brush, stain pad applicator, or airless sprayer to apply TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series Deck Stain. The first coat of stain is a saturation coat. If it soaks in quickly within 30 minutes, and the wood seems thirsty, an additional coat may be necessary. If so, apply the second coat within 30 minutes of the first coat, essentially applying them “wet on wet.”  Be cautious of over-applying TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series or performance may be jeopardized. If you notice excessive stain puddles or drips that aren’t being absorbed, use a stain rag or brush to remove them. Stopping in the middle of a piece of wood or board can result in unsightly lap marks. To eliminate the chance of lap marks finish staining each board from end to end once you start.

TWP Semi-Solid Pro-Series has outstanding UV properties and will dive deep into the wood. It is not prone to flaking or peeling like other stains..


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