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Applying TWP Wood Stain with a Sprayer?

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TWP Stain Sprayer Application

TWP Stain Sprayer Application

Update on Spraying TWP Wood Stains

Are you looking for a quicker, easier way to stain your exterior wood TWP Wood and Deck Stain? A low-pressure pump sprayer, HVLP Sprayer, or an Airless Sprayer can be a good choice but you will need to be careful with overspray and an even application.

Using these tips below will help to ensure your TWP Stain is applied evenly, with a faster application time, using a pump sprayer

See our official article and tips on this link: Applying TWP Wood Stain with a Sprayer

How to Cleanup TWP Stain and Brushes

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TWP Stain Cleanup for Applicator Tools - TWPStainHelp.com

Once you have completed an exterior wood staining project using any of the TWP Series Wood Stains,  you should cleanup using mineral spirits. Although TWP is the only EPA registered wood preservative and has a very low VOC it is oil based and requires mineral spirits for cleanup. But with some cleanup knowledge and tips, it can be a breeze. Continue Reading