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How to Apply TWP to a Fence

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TWPStainHelp.com Tips: How to Apply TWP Wood Stains to a Fence

Wood fences have been around for many years and can provide beauty, protection, and privacy to any home. Like other wood structures, wood fences need to be treated to keep them from becoming weather damaged. The key is to block out harmful UV rays and moisture. Using an easy to apply TWP formula wood stain can help preserve your fence for many years. Continue Reading

Best TWP Stain for Cedar Wood

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Best TWP Stain for Cedar Decking and Fences – TWPStainHelp.com

Cedar is known for its natural beauty and distinct aroma. It is naturally resistant to rot but will last longer if stained. Staining cedar enhances the wood grain’s beauty and replenishes the wood’s natural oils. TWP Stain Preservative has exceptional water shedding properties making it a good choice for protecting cedar.

The best TWP Stain for cedar wood is the 100 series. This is the original TWP formula. This exclusive blend is EPA registered and has been respected for over 25 years. The TWP 100 Series formula is 40% solids and will prevent cedar from turning gray due to sun fading. This particular blend of stain is ideal for all types of cedar projects like decks, siding, and cedar fences.

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Best TWP Stain for Redwood

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Best TWP Stain for Redwood Decking, Fencing, and Siding  – TWPStainHelp.com

Redwood lumber is very soft and lightweight yet has decent strength to weight ratio. It is fairly abundant and reasonably priced making it a good choice for building projects. Though Redwood is moderately resistant to rot by nature, it does still require a weatherproof sealant for outdoor uses.

Using a good wood preservative like TWP will prolong the life of a redwood surface as well as enhance its natural beauty. The best TWP Stain for redwood is the 100 Series Stain. It comes in a variety of semi-transparent color choices to enhance the natural beauty of any redwood surface. TWP 100 Series has deep penetrating properties that seal out damaging moisture. With up to 40% solids it offers excellent protection from UV rays that cause discoloring and fading.
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